List of transitive and intransitive verbs in Japanese

Check out a list of transitive and intransitive verbs in Japanese!

After searching the Internet, doing many translations from English and Japanese into Portuguese, I managed to put together a list of transitive and intransitive verbs in Japanese.

I tried to focus on japanese verb list common and in everyday use, but with time, I hope to be able to improve this list of Japanese verbs even more.

I tried to be careful with the translations, but how the content was created based on what I found it on the internet, some translations may contain errors due to errors found in other dictionaries and internet sites.

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Because of this, I apologize in advance if there was any problem translating any of the verbs below:

The list of transitive and intransitive verbs in Japanese

TransitiveTranslation IntransitiveTranslation
下げるlower下がるbe lowered
開けるOpen開くbe open
静めるto calm down静まるbe soothed
起こすwake up起きるbe awake
増やすadd増えるbe added
消すdelete消えるbe erased
現すappear show現れるbe shown
回すround回るbe rounded
片付けるto arrange片付くbe tidy
遅らすdelay遅れるbe late
乗せるto charge乗るbe carried
泣かすto cry泣くto cry
入れるput/put入るto enter
始めるto start始まるbe started
続けるContinue続くbe continued
直すfix, fix直るbe fixed, be fixed
育てるraise (son)育つbe created
捕まえるto care捕まるbe careful
治すheal治るbe healed
曲げるbend, bend曲がるbe bent, be bent
生むgiving birth生まれるborn
決めるdecide決まるbe decided
残すto leave残るbe left
倒すto tear down倒れるbe knocked down
下ろすland下りるbe landed
脱ぐundress/undress脱げるbe undressed
返すgive back返るbe returned
折るdouble折れるbe bent
高めるelevate, promote高まるbe elevated, be promoted
見つけるmeet見つかるbe found
分かるunderstand分かれるbe understood
届けるdeliver届くbe delivered
立てるlift立つbe uplifted
冷やすcool down冷えるbe cooled
抜くextract抜けるbe extracted
閉めるclose閉まるbe closed
上げるrise上がるbe lifted
逃がすrelease逃げるbe freed, escape
動かすto move動くbe moved
変えるchange, change変わるbe modified, be changed
聞くhear聞こえるbe heard
止めるto stop止まるbe stopped
割るbreak (break)割れるbe broken (broken)
通すpass, pass (in exams)通るpass, pass (in exams)
汚すto paint汚れるbe painted
付けるattach, attach付くbe arrested, be attached
壊すto break壊れるbe broken
燃やすburn燃えるbe burnt
戻すrestore, restore戻るbe restored
帰すturn back帰るturn back
集めるget together集まるbe gathered
助けるto save助かるbe saved
離すbreak apart離れるto be set apart
落とすdrop落ちるfall/be released
終えるfinish, finish終わるbe finished
伝えるto transmit伝わるbe broadcast
売るsell売れるbe sold
見るto see見えるbe seen
飛ばすskip, omit飛ぶbe skipped over
降ろすland降りるbe landed

Examples of Japanese sentences with transitive and intransitive verbs

kono basu wa doko wo tōrimasu ka?
Where does this bus go?

kuji ni uchi wo demashita
I left the house at nine o'clock.

dented ga tsukete arimasu.
The light is on.

to ga shimete arimasu.
The door is closed.

doa ga aku.
The door opens.

dareka ga doa wo akeru.
Someone opens the door.

eiga wa rokuji ni hajimaru.
The movie starts at 6:00.

eiga wo rokuji ni hajimeru.
The movie will start at 6 o'clock.

hitobito ga kaishou ni atsumatta.
People gathered in the hall.

boku wa shorui wo zenbu atsumemashita.
I gathered all the documents.

watashi no ie ga moemashita.
My house was burned down.

sono happa wo moyashite kudasai.
Burn these sheets please.