The T's Family in Hiragana

meet the T's family in hiragana and learn how to correctly write your strokes!

The T's Family in Hiragana

た = TA

In the syllable TA, we find two well-known symbols: a sword and a copier. When a sword is used in a copying machine, the sword is cloned into several others which, as they come out of the copying machine, produce the noise of a machine gun. TA!TA!TA!TA!..

Hiragana TA stroke order

ち = TCHI
Here we find a tsuname (giant wave) made up of swords and not water. See that the sword is on top of a wave.

Hiragana CHI stroke order

つ = TSU
The syllable TSU became easy. A giant wave that destroys all cities located on the coast.

Hiragana stroke order TSU

て = TE
The syllable TE is nothing more than a “T” with a crooked line. Easy easy!

Hiragana TE stroke order

と= TO
Notice that the と symbol looks like our Y. Only the TO's leg was bent by a toothpick.

Hiragana stroke order TO

Japanese calligraphy exercise

Select the Japanese alphabet symbols and click the Generate button in the Worksheet for Kana and Kanji Practice . Then a new window will open with the file for printing. Then just print it out, cover the gray hiragana symbols and then try to write it yourself. Just print and practice!